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You can do group outings or if your really feeling a sim go on a one on one. Set up a "party" at a local park, club, pub, gallery, gym what have you and test your sims compatibility! Throw a house party hire all the works and get the party started.

Its up to you how you go about it, your goal during these dates is to get to know the sims better, no repeat one on one dates with the same sim unless you have given everyone else who remains in the household a one on one. If your Bachelor or Bachelorette has thoughts of a sim, be an interaction or even romantic. You ARE allowed to proform the interaction at any given time. However this is the ONLY time you can proform such actions. Put in some game tables, chess tables, bar or whatever social items you have available to break the ice. Goal is to try to fish out the sims who are here for love, or other intentions! Aim for a gold medal and have everyone get to know eachother have a good time.... THE CHALLENGE IS MAINTAINING A SOILD RELATIONSHIP THROUGH THE JEALOUSY AND OTHER INTERACTIONS THUS, MAKING BUILDING A RELATIONSHIP HARD!

Spice is the UK’s largest adventure, social and leisure group.

Bingo has lots of variations and variants of game rules as well as pokies and blackjack.

Once the sim has left, no further contact is allowed. Check to see which sim has the best relationship with the rest of the sims in the household. Post a poll and elimate said Sim before the next part of the Challenge.

Via the Bachelor/Bachelorette or remaining contestants. BUILDING RELATIONSHIPS: In order to build relationships, you will need to go on dates.

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  1. He did a complete 180 about his willingness to be part of a couple, and didn’t bother to justify it with an explanation. First of all, Jennifer can take heart in that she is not at all responsible for this man’s sudden departure.