Dating a rape victim

For the longest time, I was trying to figure out why she acted in certain ways. I now understand the deep and lasting implications of this act. Maybe you and your girlfriend need to become closer and talk EVERYTHING through, or she needs to talk to someone about what happened.Sex would make her feel dirty at times and her interest in it is very low. It is her body and I want her to know that she has full control of her body. The outcome that she exhibited was not warranted from our disagreements. What happened to her is , but it's something in life you (more her) have to get over.I don’t know how I expected a rape victim to act, but I didn’t expect her to be so funny.Or to be punk, in this kinda sexy bleached blonde but kind of too lazy to really care sort of way.Part of me, unconsciously, believed people who had been raped were irrecoverably broken, and she wasn’t.I had an ex boyfriend who said he thought rapists should be subjected to capital punishment, which I suppose is a more extreme articulation of that unconscious belief. People aren’t destroyed through being raped though.

Some women have an "expressed" way of showing their emotions, such as crying or weeping; whereas, others may have a more "controlled" manner of expression, appearing calm and subdued.

Hello, I was going to ask advice from anyone who is aware of this situation. I feel like a sponge that has been squeezed dry because she needs me so. The despair that overwhelms me with this is unbearable. I know for me it's extermely hard to trust anyone, especially males.

I am currently dating a woman that I am absolutely in love with. She was raped as a teenager at a college fraternity house by multiple men. It would be a good idea for her to find a therapist and try to get some help. It is making me say and do things I normally wouldn't do. I usually don't get too close to people because Im afraid they'll hurt me again.

It's important to report the crime and this involves several tasks: When these date rape victims act calm and collected during this period of time, others may view them as not being traumatized or deeply affected by the event. Most likely, their bodies and minds have put coping mechanisms in place that are equally as powerful as the intense stress of the rape. Unfortunately, the family and close friends of these women may not believe her due to the common perception that date rape victims and victims of other types of rape should react hysterically to the event.

But date rape victims usually have an incredible amount of turmoil going on inside them.

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Both styles of expression have a common thread: fear.

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  1. Dating is a stage of romantic relationships in humans whereby two people meet socially, possibly as friends or with the aim of each assessing the other's suitability as a prospective partner in a more committed intimate relationship or marriage.