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The entry to the various points on the site is through a colorful graphic with clickable hotspots.

Information is presented as graphics which you can click to learn more about instruments, orchestras, and composers.

While you attempt to deal with this problem, your rather strange friend Ford Prefect drops by to tell you that the Earth is about to be demolished to make way for an interstellar bypass!

Have it blown up to the size of a sheet of paper at a copy store or on someone's computer. Instructions for this game can be found on our baby shower games page under the title Baby Puzzle.

(Just replace everything noted as 'baby' with 'bridal couple'.) It is incredible how much stuff some women can carry in their purses and pockets.

As the bodies will be generated by the computer, everything you can imagine can also be visualized.

Beautiful, big tits, slim waist and perfect round ass – cannot be a problem at all. small tits and big butt, that is also easily possible.

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