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If you're a leg man, you will love tall women dating because they seems to have endless legs and tall women tend to be very lean too so their legs are sexy as hell! Tall guys seems to be born knowing just how great it feels to a woman to be picked up, thrown on a bed or generally carried.You are sure to get the most intense butterflies you've ever felt when he swoops you up looking into your eyes to save you getting those gorgeous new shoes wet.To me o, for purpose of children, a short man (5'7" or less) should not have a child with a short woman.I am slightly above that height and I must have only a partner of maximum one inch shorter.Short girls have no issue; some men actually like them.BUT I don't know any girl that seeks out a short guy. Many guys like me aren't short - we're just average, YET girls diss us for actually TALL people (people in the 80th 90th percentile of height).A common tendancy is that CEO’s are of above-average height, with most skimming the treetops at over six feet.

(41239 Views) Counter Thread: 10 Reasons Why Nigerian Girls Suck At Relationships / Short Guy, Tall Girl Couple. / A Tall Girl’s Guide To Dating Short Boys (1) (2) (3) (4) blackprowler: Try being a short GUY and you'll understand how wicked life can be: a "crime" you didn't commit o.

The taller you are, the more your weight distributes evenly throughout your body, or so the theory goes.

At 6’3” and 284 pounds, you look muscled and powerful.

Many of my friends have said that they wouldn’t consider dating a guy shorter than 5’8 though they themselves are somewhere between 5’2-5’4.

As a tall girl (5’8), I was quite surprised to learn how having high standards was directly correlated to only dating taller guys.

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On the other hand, if you're a short girl and can never reach the top shelf, a tall guy can help you. If you date a tall guy, you'll know that looking up at him and tip toeing to give him a kiss is just so god damn hot - it really makes you weak at the knees.

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