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Consider the first fish that had the ability to breathe air on land, eventually leading to amphibians.

Sometimes these offshoots of an evolutionary line go extinct, only to become an interesting curiosity in the fossil record.

I have a hard time using catalogs as cannon in these situations - you'll also note that the last generation criss-cross style (often called the 5 pivot style) was available by then, and all delta's in the catalog sport black accordians and wheel guides. The Chorus cranks above have a '51' in a box for a date code, which I've been led to believe indicates 1989.

In this same time period, Campagnolo has begun stamping-out it's own Cassettes, and re-boxing chains made in Germany (Rohloff) as their own. Record is dated February 1987, and is otherwise IDENTICAL to the 1987 Catalog below. Upgrades in both Nuovo groups from 1986 consist only of leather toe straps, black brake pads & a polished BB axle.One might think of our distant forebearers, the Neanderthals (Homo Neanderthalensis) -- not a direct ancestor exactly, but more like an evolutionary cousin, whom some anthropologists believe may have even co-existed with early Homo Sapiens, but eventually died off, becoming an evolutionary dead-end.In looking at bicycle derailleurs over the past couple of articles (HERE, and HERE), I couldn't help but see a similar phenomenon -- evolutionary dead ends in the line of bicycle components.Sometime in late 80's or early 90's, Campagnolo introduced the "century" and "graphite" finishes to their product lines.Century was strictly for Record, and was a sort of smokey chrome.

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Not only that, but mountain bikes were sweeping the market, dominated by Japanese component groups.

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