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Over the past ten months, I've wasted dozens of hours and several hundred dollars discovering the many ways online dating site is broken.

With design so poor, algorithms so lame, matches so weak, and support so unhelpful, I'm astonished they remain in business.

The site serves for both heterosexual and same sex singles.

It is less popular than but still gets about 1.6 million visits every month.

As a paid member, I wrote to technical support repeatedly, explaining the most egregious errors, and recommending corrections. So, I documented a few of the problems here, hoping might be inspired to pursue some quality control.

I've tested other online "dating" and "personals" sites, and plan to review several of them soon.

and are both popular among singles, but upon looking closely into them they cater to different groups.

For example, the former presents you a deep personality test, while the latter organizes live social events.

You rate those matches yourself, from "fizzling" to "sizzling", and successful matches move on to what the site calls its four-stage "guided communication process".Chemistry allows anybody to sign up for free on their website and lets users to upgrade for membership based on their preferences.The moment you join the site, you can encounter numerous opportunities to look for matches and check both compatibility and chemistry factors.Gazing into the swirling whirlpool of online dating might discourage you from stepping into it.But in reality, the same-sounding offers about the No.1 sites on the internet can be differentiated pretty easily.

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